E4L - Essence for Life

Raven, the Founder and Creator of E4L, has been involved in the healthcare industry for 35 years and has spent 15 years evolving and developing 17 Cancer Treatment centres in the UK. He then became involved in the development of nutraceutical and nutritional products that had a real impact, always believing that everything we need in terms of nutrition already exists on the planet in plant form. His whole focus is to advance the nutrients in the human body – giving people everything they need on a daily basis. 

HHrx was the first product and is the basis of good health. This CO2 extraction contains the full spectrum of turmeric alkaloids, as found in raw turmeric root but more concentrated. These have been shown to stimulate production of powerful antioxidant enzymes in the body, “turning on” our body’s innate healing response. 

A range of dietary supplement products were then introduced. The active ingredients are of proven worth, but Swiss PharmaCan’s MyCell Technology® was added and increased their efficacy by a staggering 19 times. This has led naturally to the introduction of new products to cover the five key areas. 

MyCell Technology®

It is not the quantity of each ingredient that is decisive, but more how well the active ingredients can be absorbed by the human organism. A small amount of high-quality active ingredients that achieve their goal are much more effective than high doses that do not arrive at the desired location.

Swiss PharmaCan solves this problem with its patented and award-winning MyCell Technology®. This natural based micellization process delivers the highest absorption rate for nutraceuticals and maximizes their intended effect.

In 2018, it was awarded the highest distinction in the pharmaceutical industry - the respected World Formulation Award for the best pharmaceutical, medical and nutritional formulations.