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sens8ate CBD Day Pack

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Sens8ational Sens8ate Christmas ‘Try Me’ Packs! 

Introducing Sens8ate Skincare ‘Try Me’ Packs using products that look great, work effectively, and are kind to the skin. Made in Britain from the highest quality ingredients using natural botanical extracts and essential oils, our ethical skincare range is vegan friendly and cruelty-free. We have also taken great care in ensuring that our products contain no parabens, harmful toxins, or sulphates.

As part of our commitment to ensuring that we do our part in protecting the environment, we have also chosen to use glass bottles and jars and real bamboo lids instead of plastic. The look is further enhanced with 100% Birchwood boxes. These materials are environmentally friendly and can be recycled, whilst Birchwood is fully biodegradable. Any plastic used is PET plastic that can also be recycled.


CBD Daily Pack

Includes four products from our new 100% natural CBD range which boast a long list of benefits for the skin and can be used on any skin type.

Nourishing Cleanser: An antioxidant gel cleanser enhanced with multivitamins and organic extracts that is healing and soothing whilst hydrating and nourishing

Radiance Facial Scrub: With Pumice Stones, Raspberry Liquid Fruit Extracts, Watermelon Seed Oil, and Salicyclic acid – antioxidants that are vitamin-rich to exfoliate whilst soothing and relieving skin irritations, hydrating and conditioning.

Morning Dew CBD Moisturiser: designed with a range of vitamins, oils, and extracts to deeply moisturise and hydrate the skin. Fortified with Cannabidiol which includes anti-inflammatory properties, Baobab Oil, Vitamins A, D, E, F as well as Omega 3, 6, and 9.

Flawless CBD Miracle Facial Oil: 100% natural facial serum containing a blend of Hemp, Broccoli, Flaxseed, and Apricot Oils. These powerhouse oils help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Also includes a range of Amino acids that revitalise and renew skin cells, all of which result in more radiant skin.

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